Okay so my phone comapy apparently sucks balls so like I can’t get my phone fixed for whatever reason at the moment so like idk when I can get on anymore |:

Hi okay so my phone broke again so idk when I’ll be able to get on so idk tbh. Whenever it gets fixed I guess aha. God my life fucking sucks balls. God I hate my fucking life. Am not supposed to be on this laptop atm so I’ll reply to my messages and whatnot when I get my phone fixed, which should be soon..within like maybe 5-6 days? I hope so fucking hell.

Fuck everything.

Fucking god I need to lose weight. Limited calorie intake here I come.

Weighed myself && triggered myself. Wo. What a fucking life rn. God I hate myself.

Hey, grl w/ PTSD here. I am glad that you are alive! Sum1 @ the school down the rd frm my house killed themselves over the weekend by jumping in front of a train. I no that depression canyon abyss. I wish I could extend my hand 2 take u out, but I no it's nvr that ez. While tlkng 2 my counselor last week, we thought that the reason I want 2 selfharm is bcause I just want to feel something different than the overwhelming sadness. Sharing that idea w/ u as food 4 thought. Peace2u, girl. <3

Hi. I’m really sorry to hear that that person did that. It must have been really difficult for you and a lot of other people. Also, I feel like that might be a bit of the reason I self harm, myself. I’ve thought about what you wrote for quite a bit before writing this, and I really do. That and wanting to let out stress/self hate ect. Idk..

HI!😊 ok so here's the thing, I've been through your blog a little and saw what you thought of yourself and it honestly hurts me to see you or anyone think of themselves that way. You are not a fuck up, or nothing, you are something, something wonderful and amazing and strong. So strong that I know you'll get through this ruff patch in your life. You'll make it and be happy with a happy life. I know it may not seem that way now but it will. I promise. Just stay strong for me❀️ -MG

I really am a fuck up. I’m not very strong and I’m not amazing. Really anything but.. I don’t really think I’ll make it through too far. At least not happy. Idk sorry. It’s just true. I’m getting weaker and weaker and people just keep breaking me and idk how long I can actually last aha..idk sorry.-. I mean..I guess I’ll try but idk how long I can make it |:

Hey, I hope you're okay....Just promise me you'll stay strong, okay?! Because all pain is temporary and you mean a lot, okay

Hi. For now I’m relatively okay, I guess aha..and idk I feel like I’ve been too strong for too long. I feel like I’m breaking. Slowly deteriorating.-. I don’t really even mean anything..

Becca, you're perfect.

Thanks anon. This made me feel like a little bit better idk. But I’m not perfect. Anything but perfect. More like a fuck up |:

Hey,don't have to post this or respond I just wanted to talk. My name is Jordan. I understand how you feel. Ive dreamed of suicide for years. But I need you to listen to me-I KNOW it's hard right now. It's so hard. I know. But when people say it'll get better, they aren't bullshitting you. Your life is precious and I need you to know that you are important. And if you still think that nobody thinks that, I do. Because I care about anyone who knows the pain of wanting death. Please, please stay.

I really don’t feel important aha..I feel like nobody would miss me. Not one. Idk. Sometimes death just seems much easier and much, much better than anything else. I really don’t want to stay and honestly, sometimes I wonder how I got this far..